Yoto Player

With Yoto, the card is the key. Place a card into Yoto and the audio plays. Take it out again and the audio stops.

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Yoto Player

Yoto is a carefully connected speaker – it has the smarts of a connected device, but all the content is safe, since the Yoto library has been built for kids from the ground up.

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Yoto Player

A one-time set-up to your home Wi-Fi allows Yoto to download new cards when they are first played. Play offline, or keep Yoto online to stream live radio, and update podcasts.

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Yoto Player

Yoto has a very useful display on the front, which is great for educational content like phonics.

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Yoto Player

And Yoto lights up with fun illuminations for dancing along with, or to work as a nightlight and sleep aid.

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Yoto Cards

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Inspired by Montessori principles, Yoto cards are the physical keys to playing audio, giving children control over what they listen to.


Yoto Cards

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The Yoto Player comes with a starter pack of 11 cards (and 3 blank cards) to fire the imagination and give you a flavour of the Yoto audio library.


Yoto Cards

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Then you can choose to buy cards on their own, or subscribe to our Yoto Club, or pick bundled packs created by us for different moments.

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Make Your Own Cards

Get creative with Yoto ‘blank’ cards and link them to play almost anything you like.

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