Yoto user content upload [deprecated]

We recommend you to use our new “Make Your Own” interface at: my.yotoplay.com/create

Use the form and upload button below to send us your content for use on your blank cards. Fill in the form, click the upload button, upload the audio and then press Send. You can submit this form multiple times.

Note: we use Dropbox to receive content - if you already have your content in Dropbox, you can send it from there (click the upload button to find out more)

A few words that you can be used to identify the content
Upload your audio by clicking this button> upload
NOTE: MP3 or AAC/M4A files only. Please name your files like this, trackname.mp3. If you have multiple tracks, you can prefix them with a number like this, 01_trackname.mp3 etc. Then send one by one or ZIP them into a single file.
For Podcasts, use the RSS feed URL (Example: CBeebies podcast is http://podcasts.files.bbci.co.uk/p02pnn9d.rss) For Radio, use the direct stream link (Example: BBC 6 Music is http://bbcmedia.ic.llnwd.net/stream/bbcmedia_6music_mf_p)
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