• Author: Judith Kerr
  • Read by: Andrew Sachs
  • Running time: 16 mins
  • Content type: Stories
  • Age Range: 0-5
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Mog and the Vee Ee Tee

Mog and the Vee Ee Tee


Yoto SaysInjected with Kerr’s trademark warmth and humour, this tale will be familiar to anyone with a pet reluctant to visit the vet.

Mog doesn’t like going to the vet, but when she hurts her paw she needs to make a visit. So Mog makes sure everyone know how unhappy she is to be there…

One day Mog was chasing a butterfly when something happened to her paw. It was very sore. So sore that she couldn’t eat or sleep.

“She’ll have to go to the vee ee tee,” said Mrs Thomas. (She said vee ee tee instead of vet so that Mog wouldn’t understand.) But Mog hates going to the vet and before her paw can be made better, she causes great confusion in the vet’s surgery…

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