Family​ ​designed​ ​‘clever​ ​speaker’​ ​YOTO​ ​set​ ​to​ ​revolutionise​ ​the​ ​way​ ​children​ ​listen and​ ​learn.

Yoto is a clever speaker, designed entirely by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and parents who started thinking about what kids need to maximise development skills without screentime.  They set about building and integrating technology and content to deliver these skills, not the other way around.
Founded by four successful entrepreneurs from the worlds of music, technology, design and marketing, Yoto allows children to unlock a carefully curated world of music, stories and learning via interactive cards which connect to a safe, secure world of audio content with no screen time worries. Suitable for pre-school children and inspired by Montessori principles, Yoto gives youngsters autonomy over what they want to listen to or play – from their favourite nursery rhymes to learning the alphabet through phonics.
There are no camera/microphone privacy concerns or internet-nasties, just child-friendly wonder and fun with parents who remain in control.
As CEO Ben Drury says ‘Parents have very few viable alternatives between the world of ‘toys’ and what is essentially designed for grown-ups technology (iPads and iPhones). Even though he invented the iPad, Steve Jobs never let his kids use them. There are over one billion children aged between one and nine, and 500 million aged one-six - and they need to be cared for, nurtured and their development looked after by us grown ups. Tech is a part of all of our lives, which is why we’ve created a product especially for them which uses technology in the right way for kids.”
Yoto uses Montessori principles to empower children through play. Children as young as 18 months old can easily use cards to unlock a huge library of curated and child-friendly music, stories, learning and fun which grows with your child - all based on EYFS principles.
It is with the learning cards that Yoto really comes to life and supports a child's education with adaptive learning of numbers, letters, languages and much more. This means that the more children play the more they learn and Yoto adjusts to their development to ensure an optimised educational journey over time.
Each card unlocks different content; the music cards access a library of nursery rhymes and songs but parents can also add tracks and albums at any time and create custom cards meaning the soundtrack to your offspring’s childhood could be more T Rex than Mr Tumble! Listen to classic fairytales recorded specially for Yoto in English, Spanish, French and German or even record your own favourites.
The very fact that children are using fine motor skills to pick up the Yoto cards will be refreshing news to primary school teachers who are increasingly concerned that children arrive at reception unable to hold a pencil – having spent their pre-school years swiping screens not picking and placing.
Chief Marketing Officer Anthony Ackenhoff  continues “The world is full of amazing music, stories and learning tools for children and now Yoto is here to give them access to it. Clever, safe and child-focused - Yoto is real innovation which uses the right technology but starts and ends with what kids and parents need”
As if this wasn’t impressive enough Yoto also works as a night-light, child-friendly alarm clock and sleep aid. In fact, it was probably a lack of sleep in their children’s early years that gave these innovative families the motivation to dream up and create such an ambitious and much-needed product.
Currently at Kickstarter stage the team hope to secure widespread distribution and fame for their functional and beautiful invention.
Hello Yoto.